Our training gives you real world scenarios that are impactful for individuals and Teams alike. Our tactics are derived from the same training law enforcement uses to prepare officers to see targets before they see them and how to manage the various elements of static and dynamic room clearing. Overwatch Defense uses advanced training techniques to provide a real life perspective to our Customers.
Room Clearing Training
Levels 1, 2 and 3: We train our Customers using full speed, low drag, full contact techniques using airsoft guns for realism. Each level is more advanced than the previous one and are specialized to enhance our Customers applicable knowledge and skills. Overwatch Defense spends the necessary time with our Customers so that they are confident in the use of the knowledge and skills we teach.
Defensive Handgun
Using a gun is a serious action, be it for recreational purposes, skill set enhancement or for self-protection and Overwatch Defense loves to share knowledge with our Customers that will empower them. Our basic handgun classes are designed to give new and existing firearms owners the information they need to be safe and to use their handguns in a proper manner.
Basic Handgun Classes
This class provides our Customers with the knowledge and skills they need to use their firearms in a safe manner while also educating our Customers on the break-down and cleaning of their firearms. From how to shoot the firearm to how to carry and store them Overwatch Defense understands that advanced knowledge, confidence and comfort begin with developing the right skills.
Basic Rifle/Carbine:
Overwatch Defense share training techniques used by law enforcement and specialized tactical Teams to educate our Customers on defensive and offensive techniques to determine what level of action to employ in different scenarios. The “why” is addressed carefully and advanced training is shared to empower our Customers with the skills they need to react to a shoot or don’t shoot scenario.
Shoot or Don’t Shoot
Business and Public Areas: Being prepared with the right knowledge and skills can make all the difference in the world to your safety and to the safety of those you care about. Overwatch Defense trains our Customers on strategies and techniques used by law enforcement and SWAT to navigate and even react to an active shoot scenario. It is said that knowledge is power and Overwatch Defense believe that its knowledge applied.
Active Shooter
Our Trainers have advanced knowledge and skills that we share with our Customers that is in addition to the book work and testing for specific certifications and course completion. Our passion shows in the classes and training scenarios we provide to our Customers and Overwatch Defense has been recognized as a top tier trainer in NC. Let us share our knowledge and skills with you and you will be glad you did.
Overwatch Defense