Our Story

Over Watch Defense is owned and operated by me, Travis Rector and I am a former Police Officer who was a member of SWAT. I am an NRA Certified Handgun and Riffle Instructor and I offer a diversity of affordable training (see our Training page) for responsible adults and approved age children. My supportive wife Ginney and I have a family that we love and we believe in our rights as US Citizens to bare arms.

More about me… In my tenure of being a police officer, I worked on cases capturing dangerous fugitives of justice working hand and hand with local and federal law enforcement agencies. I served on SWAT as entry team, K-9 handler and sniper. During my service, I gained the knowledge, expertise and training to execute countless raids and hostage stand-off situations. I’ve worked with the US Marshalls, FBI, Secret Service, US Army and SBI for personal security detail, capturing fugitives, drug raids and much more. I’ve been involved in dangerous situations that included shootings, Government detail and Presidential detail. I’ve been an avid gun enthusiasts, shooter, instructor and collector for many, many years.

I want you to feel comfortable with me in knowing that when you come to my classes that you’ll know you have an instructor that’s “been there and done that”. How can a great instructor teach people such as yourself if the instructor has never been in situations such as what you’re learning about? Well, with me, you don’t have to worry about that because I have the knowledge, skills, mindset and ability to ease you into learning the CORRECT way to defend yourself and learn the fundamentals of safe gun handling. I make the the learning environment great for retaining the information given to you so you can apply the skills properly.

Travis Rector

Our Approach

Overwatch Defense is a Family Owned and Operated business that understands the importance of customer service and the delivery of high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our Customers. We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our Customers and everyone we serve are treated like family.We sell guns, ammo, tactical gear, gun and firearm accessories and provide a wide range of services to include training and certification. Please take a look around this website and then contact us anytime to learn more about how we can be of service. Your comments, questions and suggestions are of great value to us and we welcome your communications anytime!